Whispers with Dogs is not your usual ordinary obedience school. As your personal dog coach, my work is based on my aim to improve the live together for dog owners and their dogs with training and knowledge.

I stand for a healthy relationship and a well balanced bond between humans and dogs to achieve even more fun and happiness for every human-dog-team.

I will show you how you can establish an intensive connection with your dog that could prevent many potential problems.I will help you to understand your dog, his language and his needs.

The most important thing is, that you feel comfortable with whatever I want (you) to do,  and you can do it with total conviction. That's the only way that works with a dog. So it's necessary to consider your needs as well as adapt the right methods to it.

I am geared to my own 5L-model of living with a dog for a fulfilled doggy live:
  • to live: how your life is organized with respect to your dog
  • to lead: the principles of being a confident leader
  • to let move: the physical and mental challenge your dog needs to be happy and balanced
  • to love: the right amount of affection to your dog (including massages)
  • to learn: how to teach your dog what it takes in our world without contradictions and overstraining

These are the basic rules for a dogs maximum leeway:
  • the better the dog follows, the more leeway he is allowed to have
  • give as much leeway as possible, as many rules as needed
  • if corrections, then as gentle as possible but clear enough to make him understand and respect them

I prefer the most natural communication with dogs: nonverbal, mostly with body language. If you should feel uncomfortable with it (some people do) we will find an easy alternative way to handle your dog.

Whispers with Dogs stands for fair fix prices without time limits

Don't worry about hours after hours of training you will have to pay for. That's not my way of helping. For most of my support and training I can set a fix price based on the challenges, and consider your personal circumstances as well before we start. Helping the dog is the main focus.

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